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Lapel Pins

People wear their pins with pride others collect them as people tend to collect so many other items. Some lapel pins are made to be given as gifts, others for awards, and others to use as a thank you for a donation, and as such, are considered great for using as fundraisers. More and more lapel pins are being utilized for event, brand and product promotion as more people identify with brands as a fashion statement. Lapel pins compliment any brand building campaign as well as the promotion of a product or service. More than anything though, lapel pins are still very much a recognition and awareness product. Free Quote!

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Lapel Pins

Having your very own custom lapel pins made from the lapel pin junction is easy with our no obligation quote and design process. All we require is your idea or logo and our teams of highly talented designers take it from there. Within a matter of hours you will see your lapel pins come to life in the form of a digital proof showing you exactly how they will look, to include the information you need to place your order online instantly. These days everyone is busy, and we enjoy making the task of getting pins made simple so that you can get on with organizing your upcoming event.

Lapel Pin Junction specializes in making customized pins for corporations, clubs, schools, sports teams and other organizations. We take your logo or design concept and turn it into a quality piece that can be worn with pride, all in about a week to 10 days. Our industry low pricing includes free overnight shipping to anywhere in the US. We can also ship to locations across the globe from Canada to Columbia and everywhere in between.Free Quote.


Lapel Pins

Challenge coins are a part of military tradition. They provide good luck on the battlefield, as well as some free drinks once you're stateside. Support your favorite military branch, or all of those who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, with a custom challenge coin. These custom coins can be used to commemorate events, promote a company or business, or even reward employees and members.

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