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Los Angeles Custom Lapel Pin

Very few lapel pin companies match the experience that we have here at Lapel Pin Junction. In addition to making complete customer satisfaction our number one priority, we work with you to determine the size, shape, color, and style of custom lapel pins or trading pins that will look best with your logo, photo or artwork. Our quality lapel pins make a lasting impression and can be used to promote your company, association, belief, cause, membership or event. Handed out at trade show events, conferences, and job fairs, custom lapel pins become the ultimate marketing tool. When swapped out by a player at a tournament, trading pins become a cherished reminder of the past. Lapel Pin Junction wants to be a part of your next milestone. Our custom lapel pins and trading pins are made from quality materials and are affordable.

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Los Angeles Custom Lapel Pin Information

Lapel pins are often used to recognize special achievements or milestones and are a sense of pride to those who receive them. Lapel pins can be given away at events and fundraisers to make the occasion more memorable and create anticipation for future fundraisers or corporate events. They can also be used to show one's patriotism through U.S. lapel pins and flag lapel pins.

When you order your custom Los Angeles Lapel pin from Lapel Pin Junction, you're buying the highest quality lapel pins in the industry. Our finely crafted pins are hand made from the highest quality materials, including 10K gold, nickel, copper and brass. Each pin is meticulously hand painted and polished to provide an end product which will offer a beautiful luster and durability to withstand the test of time. Our custom pins are available in a variety of custom precious metal plating's and can be fitted with a range of different standard or upgrade attachment options. We also offer the ability to truly customize the presentation and packaging of your order in acrylic or velvet cases, or on custom printed card stock. All of these qualities make Lapel Pin Junction today's leader in custom lapel pins.


Traditional custom challenge coins.

Challenge coins are a part of military tradition. They provide good luck on the battlefield, as well as some free drinks once you're stateside. Support your favorite military branch, or all of those who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, with a custom challenge coin. These custom coins can be used to commemorate events, promote a company or business, or even reward employees and members.

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