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Los Angeles Custom Lapel Pins

Los Angeles custom lapel pins are one of the greatest ways to market your organization or show your support for any cause. The Lapel Pin Junction design and manufacture the highest quality custom lapel pins, police mini badges, and awareness ribbon pins on the market today. We've created some of the finest custom pins and police mini badges around, and our work is prominently displayed throughout our website. Not only do we specialize in custom pins and police mini badges, but also we create other custom keepsakes, such as coins, key chains, golf ball markers, bookmarks, challenge coins, and citation bars. Creating a personalized lapel pin or other custom keepsake for you or your organization has never been easier.

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Los Angeles Custom Lapel Pins Information

Lapel pins are often used to recognize special achievements or milestones and are a sense of pride to those who receive them. Lapel pins can be given away at events and fundraisers to make the occasion more memorable and create anticipation for future fundraisers or corporate events. They can also be used to show one's patriotism through U.S. lapel pins and flag lapel pins.

The Lapel Pin Junction is a well-respected lapel pin manufacturing company, known for its unwavering commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. We offer our customers very reasonable prices, which we're able to do because of the economies of scale we pick up through mass production and extreme efficiency. We maintain an unbeatable track record for on-time delivery, and understand customer deadlines. We're always interested in forging long-term relationships with our customers, and often find the same ones consistently returning to place future orders. With respect to business-to-business relations, we are open to partnerships or becoming a valued part of your supply chain, so feel free to contact us regarding such. The Lapel Pin Junction is located just outside of Ocala,FL in the USA (United States).


Traditional custom challenge coins.

Challenge coins are a part of military tradition. They provide good luck on the battlefield, as well as some free drinks once you're stateside. Support your favorite military branch, or all of those who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, with a custom challenge coin. These custom coins can be used to commemorate events, promote a company or business, or even reward employees and members.

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