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Steeped in military tradition, custom challenge coins provide luck on the battlefield and possibly free drinks when you get home. Show pride in your company, unit or origination with a custom challenge coin everyone will admire. Challenge coins reinforce good behavior and are there to remind you of your cause and what your working for. Custom coins can be given as rewards to employees, group members or servicemen to show they are appreciated. wikipedia

  100 300 500 1000+
1.5" Coin (no color) 3.49 3.28 3.23 2.85
1.5" Coin (one side w/color) 3.83 3.63 3.58 3.18
1.5" Coin (color on both sides) 4.19 3.97 3.87 3.48
1.75" Coin (no color) 3.78 3.55 3.52 3.11
1.75" Coin (one side w/color) 4.19 4.07 4.01 3.56
1.75" Coin (color on both sides) 4.61 4.59 4.52 4.01
2" Coin (no color) 3.95 3.55 3.81 3.32
2" Coin (one side w/color) 4.53 4.47 4.43 3.95
2" Coin (color on both sides) 5.13 5.06 5.01 4.54
No mold fee for quantites over 300 1.50" Mold Fee: $100 1.75" Mold Fee: $125 2.00 Mold Fee: $150

3D - Mold Free Epoxy Dome Sequential Numbering Duel Plating
Quote on request $0.30 per side $0.35 per coin $1.25 Per Coin
Antique Metal Offset Digital Image Silkscreen Cutouts
$0.40 per coin Image Quote on Request $19 per color $50 per cutout

It's the little things that make your custom coins stand out from the rest. From having a custom cut edge to having a few well placed cutouts make all the difference in the world. One of the most popular options on challenge coins is using a 3D relief. It give your coins that extra professionalism and class that's shared by our U.S. currency. Choose from any of our metal plating choices ranging from high polished metals to a classy antique finish. For the highest contrast consider going with dual tone.

Metal Plating Choices


Edge Options


Whether you have all the exact details ready or just have a simple sketch and ideas, our professional design team can create the art for your next custom challenge coin free of charge. Custom coins can have personal meaning and value, so our art team will customize your coins in great detail and take the time necessary to get your artwork exactly how you want it. Getting started is easy. Just fill out our Free Quote form and send us your artwork and/or design ideas and let our artists go to work for you.

Just click on the Free Quote button or Get Started Now button located at the top of the page to get started on your next great challenge coin. If you have any questions call us at 855-471-6746 or email us at

All images are for example purposes only.All products are custom made using your logo, artwork and/or design ideas.

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