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Custom Offset Digital Print Lapel Pins

Offset digital lapel pins are perfect for designs that utilize photographs and paintings or require other fine details in color. They are an ideal option for custom artwork that uses gradients or drop shadows. Each custom design is created from a digital file, printed directly onto high-quality paper that is affixed to the base metal, and the button is then covered with a clear epoxy for a smooth finish to protect your lapel pin for years to come.


Offset Digital Print Lapel Pin Pricing

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $3.33 $2.82 $2.08 $1.70 $1.52 $1.32 $1.30 $1.10 $0.96 $0.78
1" $3.36 $2.94 $2.19 $1.79 $1.60 $1.37 $1.34 $1.13 $1.01 $0.87
1.25" $3.44 $3.15 $2.35 $1.87 $1.66 $1.41 $1.38 $1.19 $1.09 $0.90
1.50" $3.66 $3.37 $2.76 $2.02 $1.77 $1.53 $1.51 $1.29 $1.19 $0.97
1.75" $4.18 $3.81 $3.12 $2.43 $2.16 $1.88 $1.86 $1.70 $1.54 $1.50
2" $4.37 $4.01 $3.34 $2.63 $2.37 $2.07 $2.05 $1.92 $1.72 $1.71

Setup Fees: 3/4" - $50.00, 1" - $55.00, 1.25" - $65.00, 1.5" - $85.00, 1.75" - $150.00, 2" - $200.00

No mold fee regardless of pin count.


There are several types of attachments available for offset digital lapel pins. A butterfly/rubber clutch is the standard attachment and is included for free with your order. Safety pin backs and jewelry clutches can be applied to offset digital pins at an additional cost. For a more powerful presentation of your custom offset digital lapel pins, consider ordering presentation cases or printed card stock. And for a truly elegant lapel pin, add an elegant, prestigious simulated gemstone.

Metal Plating Choices


How custom offset digital print lapel pins are made.

Unlike hard enamel, soft enamel, and die stuck pins, lapel pins created using an offset digital process are flat and smooth. Custom offset digital pins are your go-to pin for vibrant colors and complex images or designs. There's no chance of colors running or bleeding, and text appears crisp and easy to read no matter which fonts you choose.

Offset digital pins have a glossy finish that lasts a long time. There's no need to worry about dust or dirt collecting because there are no recessed areas. The smooth pin resists catching on sweaters or threads, and they can be created in any shape you can imagine. Sizes range from 3/4-inch to 2-inches, and order quantities are available from 100 to 10,000+.

Custom offset digital lapel pins are a hit with everyone of all ages because they are a fun, eye-catching way to promote service, club, team, school, business, or event. These simple pins have a stunning look yet casual feel to them that they can be worn during any occasion. Don't let such a great marketing opportunity pass you by -- order your digital offset lapel pins today.

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All images are for example purposes only.All products are custom made using your logo, artwork and/or design ideas.

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