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Custom Silkscreen Lapel Pins

Take your design to the limits of your custom lapel pin with the silkscreen process. A silkscreen pin is best used for pins that include an exact replica of an image or design because there is no need for a border or metal edge. After stamping your unique shape, the silkscreen process separates and layers the colors to eliminate the chance of bleeding. A protective epoxy coating is optional.


Silkscreen Lapel Pin Pricing

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $3.33 $2.82 $2.08 $1.70 $1.52 $1.32 $1.30 $1.10 $0.96 $0.78
1" $3.36 $2.94 $2.19 $1.79 $1.60 $1.37 $1.34 $1.13 $1.01 $0.87
1.25" $3.44 $3.15 $2.35 $1.87 $1.66 $1.41 $1.38 $1.19 $1.09 $0.90
1.50" $3.66 $3.37 $2.76 $2.02 $1.77 $1.53 $1.51 $1.29 $1.19 $0.97
1.75" $4.18 $3.81 $3.12 $2.43 $2.16 $1.88 $1.86 $1.70 $1.54 $1.50
2" $4.37 $4.01 $3.34 $2.63 $2.37 $2.07 $2.05 $1.92 $1.72 $1.71

Setup fee of $19.00 per color, or $79.00 for 4 color process applies. No mold fee regardless of pin count.


You can choose from any of our attachment options when you order your custom silkscreen lapel pins. Butterfly/rubber clutches are the most popular choice, which is why we include them as a free, standard attachment. Jewelry clutches and safety pin backs are available as well at an additional cost. For a more powerful presentation of your silkscreen pins, include presentation cases or printed card stock. And for a truly elegant lapel pin, add a simulated gemstone.

Metal Plating Choices


How custom silkscreen lapel pins are made.

Unlike soft enamel, hard enamel, or die struck pins, silkscreen pins don't rely on raised and recessed areas for color or emphasis. These custom lapel pins are smooth, and there is no need for metal borders to separate any of the colors or designs. The silkscreen process utilizes solid colors and works best without gradients in that color.

With custom silkscreen lapel pins, you are able to use 100 percent of the pin's canvas, meaning there's no wasted space. These types of pins can come in any shape you can imagine, making them ideal for those who want a pin that perfectly matches a logo or company name. Silkscreen pins produce a detailed and vibrant design -- every time!


At The Lapel Pin Junction, we want you to be completely satisfied with your order. That's why we make the ordering process simple and quick, and you can focus on your business, event, club, or team. So, what are you waiting for? Begin the process today by requesting a Free Quote.

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All images are for example purposes only.All products are custom made using your logo, artwork and/or design ideas.

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